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Competition Calendar - 2024

Novice (No More Than 2 Previous Competitions):

Personal Equipment: T-Shirt, Shorts, Long Socks (for Deadlifts) & Shoes, Belt, Sleeves & Wrist Wraps.

Equipment: 29mm 20kg Power Bar for all 3 lifts.

Divisions: Men & Women.

Scoring: DOTS Score.

Open (Sanctioned by APL):

Personal Equipment: Full Standard Powerlifting Attire.

Equipment: 35mm Squat Bar, 29mm Power Bar, 28mm Deadlift Bar.

Divisions: Men & Women. Sleeves & Wraps.

Scoring: DOTS Score.


All competition entries will open 4 months prior to the event at 8:00am.

Make or Break


Date: 09/03/24


Ruthless Classic


Date: 25/05/24


All or Nothing


Date: 05/10/24


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