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Join the team of Ruthless Strength Athletes, whether you are a recreational lifter, an athlete needing to improve strength and conditioning for the season or a competitive powerlifter.

Ruthless Strength Athletes have enjoyed success within powerlifting competition including national and international level competition, several athletes have, and do hold regional, national, international and world records across various federations.

$17 P/W

Bronze Tier

Online Strength Coaching

Monthly Check In &

Technique Review

$25 P/W

Silver Tier

Online Strength Coaching

Fortnightly Check In &

Technique Review

$40 P/W

Gold Tier

Online Strength Coaching

Daily Check In &

Technique Review

$80 P/h

In Person

1 on 1 Coaching Session

In House At

Ruthless Barbell Club

$30 P/W

Lifestyle Coaching

Online Personal Training

12 Week Personalised Program

Weekly Nutrition & Lifestyle
Check In

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