Ruthless is for everyone, Ruthless is for you!

We are here to unlock your potential - being Ruthless isn't about being tough, it's about stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new.

Ruthless means to not care for anyone else's opinions, Ruthless means to be yourself and build yourself.

The beauty of powerlifting and strongman is the journey of becoming the strongest version of yourself, it's about finding what you are capable of, and breaking past that point. This is a journey that moves at your pace, and its a journey everyone in the sport understands and respects.

Our Services


Designed to teach you the fundamentals of squat, bench press and deadlift technique needed to successfully push yourself physically and mentally in powerlifting.


With joining Ruthless Barbell, you can have access to everything you need in your pursuit of strength, from specialized barbells to competition spec equipment.


Start your journey to becoming the world's strongest man or woman with our well equipped strongman section including Log, Yoke and Stones.


Take your results and performance to the next level, coached sessions and individualized goal-based programming while surrounded by likeminded lifters and athletes.

Our Mission

We (Mike & Vanessa) had a vision to open a gym that provided a safe place for all, a place everyone could build and express their strength and give new members a sense of belonging from the very first time they walk through our doors.

We are home to pure beginners as well as seasoned athletes and competitors. All of who we strive to continuously work with and provide the best and fully equipped facilities for.

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