24/7 Gym Membership

$20 per week*

  Gym Equipment:

  • Valhalla Strength MonoLift

  • Valhalla Strength Belt Squat

  • 2000kg Plates +

  • 3 x Power Racks

  • 2 x Comp-Spec Benches

  • 2 x Deadlift Platforms

  • 2 x Deadlift Bars

  • 4 x Power Bars

  • Safety Squat Bar

  • Cambered Bar

  • Swiss Bar

  • Dumbells 5kg - 50kg

  • Cable Machine

  • Pull Down Machine

  • Adjustable Bench

  • 4 x Flat Benches

  • Pulling Blocks

  • Bands & Chains

  • + More

 Strongman Equipment:

  • 8", 10" & 12" Log

  • Atlas Stones 30kg - 125kg
  • Carry Kegs

  • Yoke

  • Farmers Carry

  • Axle Bar

  • Monster Dumbbell

  • Hex Deadlift Bar

  • Sled 

  • Harness & Ropes

  • Wagon Wheels - Coming Soon!

  • + More


I have been reflecting on my journey and so pleased you guys messaged me for the intro class and said we missed u at the first class.... I was so nervous about going on my own without a mate but the message and how Vanessa answered my queries made me think damn it now I have to go..... so fucking happy you followed up and kinda forced me to go.... then at the first class seeing another old person :P there made me realise I could do this haha can’t wait to get stronger and be a better person...
Thank you mike and Vanessa

Really happy with my progress down at Ruthless Barbell Club.
The beginners class is a great way to start the journey. Next week i start looking after myself with help from the program provided at the end of the beginner's class. 
Seriously if you're interested in powerlifting check out Mike and the team at Ruthless Barbell Club.

I found my first session really quite enjoyable to be honest. It wasn't like any other gym where you feel totally in the deep end and wanna back out. 

I think it's the small environment but friendly atmosphere. Mike's a great trainer, he's positive in his approach to being like I want more from you, lower I know you can go lower usually Trainers push you so hard in a negative way that you feel intimidated to come back even after your first go but i didn't feel that at all at Ruthless!


Tel. 027 2338402 (Mike)

Tel. 021 1258726 (Vanessa)

14 Unit 3 Cypress Street, Judea, Tauranga


24/7 facilities, if it's your first visit to our club give us a call or send us a message to organise a time to show you around!


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